Study of Brain Function During Simple Tasks and Rest

Thank you for considering to participate in the study of Brain Connectivity and Function at RUBIC (Rutgers University Imaging Center). The study description, participant eligibility, and contact information are described in the following sections.

Information about the Study

This study is funded by NIH (National Institutes of Health). The overall goal of the study is to examine how the brain responds during various simple tasks and during "rest" when no task is being performed. To do this, each participant will be "scanned" in an MR (magnetic resonance) scanner .

The participant will be in the scanner for approximately 50 minutes. There are four tasks and two rest periods, each about six minutes in duration. The tasks include deciding which category an object belongs to, detecting changes in images, comparing facial expressions, and deciding whether or not an image has been seen before. During the two "rest" periods the participant will be asked to close his or her eyes and relax during the scanning.

Participants will receive $50 after completing the scan session.

Participant Eligibility

We are seeking adult individuals (18 or older) who have been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or schizophrenia.

Because we are using the scanner, we require that participants be free of any embedded metal (e.g., pace makers, stents, surgical screws or plates). It is also important that the participant not be claustrophobic or anxious about being in enclosed spaces. Female participants should not be pregnant.

Directions to RUBIC

This study will take place in the Rutgers University Brain Imaging Center (RUBIC)

RUBIC is located in the Aidekman building on the Rutgers Newark campus. The official address is 197 University Ave. , Newark, NJ 07102 Google Maps provides an easy way to get directions from your location to RUBIC by either car or public transportation. Maps of the Rutgers Newark campus and other information can be found here.

Sign Up

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Further Information

For additional information or if you are interested in participating, you can contact Dr. Catherine Hanson by phone: 973-353-3306 or by email.