The RUBIC Common Practices applies to all research with human subjects that will be performed at RUBIC. Protocols should be submitted to the Rutgers IRB and researchers should go to the Rutgers IRB website for general submission information. These common practices have been approved by the Rutgers IRB on 06/23/2011. They provide a detailed description of the basic (common) MRI procedures that must be followed for all MRI studies conducted at RUBIC.

The RUBIC common practices document was created to streamline the IRB protocol application process. The cover letter accompanying a protocol submission to the Rutgers IRB should note that the protocol is for an MRI study and the statement "This protocol follows the RUBIC Common Practices (date: 06/23/11)" should be included. All researchers who want to conduct research at RUBIC should familiarize themselves with the RUBIC Common Practices which can be downloaded as a pdf.

Additional exclusions or other procedures can be documented in the individual IRB application. Research proposals that wish to use only a subset of these common practices require approval by both the IRB and the RUBIC Executive Committee and should be addressed in a separate section of the protocol entitled "Deviations from RUBIC Common Practices."

The RUBIC Common Practices apply only to adult, non-clinical populations. The recruitment of special populations (e.g., children, prisoners, clinical patients) will require a separate section of the protocol entitled "Child Participants and/or Participants Drawn from Nonstandard Populations" in which any additional risks, precautions, or methodology will be described.

The following Rutgers IRB approved documents must be included with the protocol submission and available for download. The consent form is the one needed for RUBIC studies. It should be customized as necessary with the study title, researcher name, etc.

  1. MR Screening form
  2. pregnacy release form
  3. consent form