RUBIC Imaging Suite

In addition to the magnet room, RUBIC also has available rooms available to prep experiments, interview participants, and work on data. For more details see the floorplan .


RUBIC uses a 3T Siemens TRIO for scanning both humans and animals.

RAVANA computing cluster

Ravana is 28 node cluster used for RUMBA analyses and has:

All nodes are running amd64 (Debian GNU/Linux).


An Eyelink-1000 is available for the collection of eye movement data while scanning.

Physiological Recording

A BIOPAC MP150 system is available for recording skin conductance. Other modules for recording cardio and respiratory data can be added.

Stimulus Presentation

E-Prime 2.0 is available as well as open source options such as PsychoPy

Response Acquisition

A number of fiber optic response options are available including response pads and trackballs.