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About the RUBIC wiki[edit]

This is the wiki for RUBIC. Any information you would like to share with other RUBIC users can be documented in this wiki. Help using this wiki is available. In addition, this page will be used for important annoucements.

If you need help contact Catherine Hanson

Conducting research at RUBIC[edit]

You will need to make decisions about a number of things before starting your research project at RUBIC:

  1. Will you use the RUBIC computer or your own laptop to present stimuli and collect responses?
  2. Which stimulus presentation program will you be using (e.g., Matlab, EPrime, PsychoPy)?
  3. How will your subjects respond (e.g., keypress, trackball, etc)?
  4. Will you be using an audio stimulus during your study?
  5. Does your study require the collection of biophysical responses such as heart rate?
  6. Will you be using the eyetracker?



If you're looking for subjects, these volunteers have signed up through the RUBIC website