Before being allowed to schedule scan time at RUBIC, the PI responsible for billing must:
1. complete the registration form
2. email the cover sheet of a Rutgers IRB approved MRI protocol (stamped) to: RUBIC admin
Only one name per grant account will be registered. The account name will be the last name of the PI. Anyone scanning under that account will use the PI’s login to schedule time.
Please make sure to complete both the Contact and the Billing parts of the registration form. You will not be able to schedule time at RUBIC unless a valid billing contact and account number are provided. If your affiliation is Rutgers University you need to provide the Rutgers Account # that will be charged. If you are affiliated with another institution you’ll need to provide the billing information consistent with that institution.
If you have more than one grant or account that you will use for billing, please complete a separate form for each grant / account. You will be allocated a separate login for each grant to use when scheduling time on the magnet.
If you need further assistance please contact the Research Coordinator.