First Level

Level 1 training provides the knowledge necessary to ensure one’s own safety during research-related activities within the MRI suite. Persons with Level 1 training do not require escort within the MRI suite, but they may not enter the scan room without the approval of the scanner operator. Level 1 individuals may not be responsible for escorting participants or visitors nor are they permitted to handle MRI research equipment. All trainees will complete the clinical screening questionnaire completed by participants prior to scanning.

Second Level

Level 2 training builds on Level 1 training, providing additional knowledge to protect the safety of others and to safely handle MRI related research equipment. Level 2 personnel are permitted to escort participants with the approval of the scanner operator. It is expected that most personnel routinely involved in research activities at RUBIC will complete Level 2 training. You may take Level 2 training only after successfully completing Level 1 training.

Third Level

Level 3 training builds on Level 1 and 2 training and provides the additional knowledge necessary for independent operation of the MRI system. Level 3 personnel have access to all areas of the MRI suite and, when operating the scanner, are responsible for the safety of research personnel, participants and visitors. Scanner Operator training is available to advanced graduate students, post-docs, faculty and certain other individuals at the discretion of the administration.